EXCLUSIVE: Steph and Gian come clean “we didn’t cheat”

The childhood sweethearts are feeling the heat from other blockheads!
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In an exclusive chat with New Idea, Steph and Gian have blasted accusations that they’re cheaters, and say the false claims came after “the week from hell”.

It all kicked off when Steph’s father Nick, a builder by trade, arrived during Week One to help his daughter and son-in-law finish their studio bathroom. 

WATCH NOW: Meet Steph and Gian from The Block 2023. Article continues after video. 

Leah and Ash felt that something was off, so they called a body corporate meeting to ask why Nick was helping without being paid or inducted as per the rules.

Steph explains she and Gian was “perplexed” as to why there was a meeting in the first place. 

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“We’re not cheaters,” she insists. 

“Once it was brought to our attention [Dad] wasn’t inducted, we admitted it’s a technicality we should have picked up on. We apologised for that, but we were always going to pay him.” 

Steph enlisted her tradie dad Nick to lend a hand (Credit: Channel Nine)

Steph feels they were “attacked” not only at the meeting but also in the lead-up to it.  

“It says a lot about the people who talk to everyone else about it as opposed to coming straight to us,” she shares. 

“We felt blindsided. Everyone was in on it except for us,” agrees Gian.

While they’ve had a shaky start, Gian adds, “This experience is making us better, stronger people.”

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