Serial killer ‘copies Stephen King story’

The details are eery.
Bruce McArthur/FacebookBruce McArthur/Facebook

In Stephen King’s ‘The Lawnmower Man’ a ‘sex-crazed’ landscaper murders and dismembers the suburban homeowner who hires him to cut his lawn. King’s novel is purely fiction, but a real-life version has seemingly played out in Canada, where law enforcement officials have begun digging for human remains after the arrest of a landscape contractor last month. 

Bruce McArthur, 66, was charged in Toronto with the murder of five men. Police say that they may be dealing with a serial killer, and that there may be many more victims.

According to police, McArthur dismembered his victims and hid their remains in various pot plants, gardens and home across Toronto. 

Lead detective Hank Idsinga, said: ‘He’s taken some steps to cover his tracks, and we have to uncover these victims.’

Bruce McArthur/Facebook
(Credit: Bruce McArthur/Facebook)

Toronto police had been following McArthur since last September, and the first signs of something sinister came to light when they seized an old, maroon minivan McArthur had sold to a local mechanic for $125. Police found traces of blood in the van, according to news reports.

McArthur’s next court appearance is scheduled for February 14th. 

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