Qantas reveals empty seat booking program, ‘Neighbour Free’

Qantas passengers can now reserve empty seats next to them!
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Plane travellers would be all too familiar with the joys of a vacant neighbouring seat. While an absolute luxury, they’re also a rarity

Qantas‘ new ‘Neighbour Free’ scheme is making this luxury more commonplace for flyers. The empty seat reservation program allows travellers to reserve an unbooked seat next to them for a small additional fee – providing more space as a result.

As with any ‘too good to be true’ initiative, there is a catch that buyers should be aware of…

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As explained by Qantas, “Neighbour free gives you more space to relax in Economy. When you reserve Neighbour Free, the seat next to you remains free throughout your flight.”

How does Qantas Neighbour Free work?

If eligible, customers who have booked an Economy seat with Qantas will be sent an email invitation to purchase a neighbour Free seat between 48 hours and one hour before the flight’s scheduled departure.

The catch, however, is that the seat reservation is subjection to availability and be changed upon boarding the aircraft for operational, safety or security reasons.

Enjoy extra space on select domestic flights. (Credit: Getty)

How much does Qantas Neighbour Free cost?

While Neighbour Free prices vary per flight, the tickets range between $30 to $65 extra (on top of your standard seat fee).

Where is Qantas Neighbour Free available?

The program is available on select domestic flights. It is not currently available internationally or on the airline’s busiest routes, 

What can Qantas Neighbour Free be used for?

The empty seat reservation service simply provides extra space for the one booked passenger. According to Qantas, the tickets cannot be used for infant seating or carry-on storage. Additional services are also not provided.

Qantas’ Neighbour Free booking platform. (Credit: Qantas)

What happens when your Neighbour Free seat is unavailable?

If the airline cannot fulfil your extra seat reservation upon boarding the flight, they will give you a full refund for the extra fee paid. An email will be sent to customers to confirm this process has been completed.

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