Princess Catherine set to break royal tradition at the coronation

The tradition has been in place for centuries.
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Anticipation for the royal event of the year is building. The coronation, which falls on Saturday May 6, is only a few days away – which means preparation for the big day is well underway. 

With there is little left to surprise (much of the ceremony falls to tradition), an element of the unexpected will be making itself evident through one certain Royal’s choice of attire…

WATCH: The King and Queen Consort’s coronation quiche. Article continues after video. 

For centuries, coronation tradition has seen that the royal women come wearing their signature bejewelled headpieces.

Considering this, it may come as a surprise that Princess Catherine will not be wearing a tiara of any sorts! According to The Times, the Princess is rumoured to don a floral headpiece in its wake.

“Instead it is thought that she is planning to wear a floral headpiece,” The Times reported.

It’s rumoured Princess Catherine will wear a floral headpiece at the coronation. (Credit: Getty)

This was followed up by an even more surprising speculation, “There are also rumours within palace circles that no royal women will wear tiaras,” The Times added.

While this replacement piece is still yet to be confirmed, it is thought that the floral accessory will tie in with King Charles’ passion for environmental preservation.

As a an evident fan of floral fashion statements, the Princess’ taste in floral fascinators gives us a taste of her preferred choice of headwear

Princess Catherine often opts for floral headpieces. (Credit: Getty)

Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith spoke on this rumour with The Times saying, “The sight of the Princess of Wales in a floral crown will set a particular tone, showing the King’s reverence for nature and his passion for flowers. It seems like an especially egalitarian touch as well.”

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