Pauline Hanson’s hilarious hip hop dance on the campaign trail

She lets loose before election day
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With the Australian federal election just hours away, Pauline Hanson has let loose on the campaign trail, showing off her best hip hop dance moves to ‘Old Town Road’.

WATCH! Pauline Hanson busts out her best hip hop moves ahead of Saturday’s election. 

The One Nation party leader was caught on camera with Goulburn Valley’s Hit 96.9 Josiah and Elly, who managed to convince the controversial senator to dance to the popular Lil Nas X (ft. Billy Ray Cyrus) song.

In the video (above), the right-wing leader is seen enjoying herself as she learns the cowboy-inspired ‘Old Town Road’ dance moves.

Pauline Hanson dances to Old Town Road hip hop routine
(Credit: Getty)

And she proved a hit with followers of the show!

“OMG. I can’t believe she did it,” said one fan of the show on Facebook.

“Woohoo! Go Guys!” commented another.

Pauline is one of a long line of celeb fans of the track. 

The genre-bending ‘Old Town Road’ hit the headlines earlier in the week when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter North created her own home video where she’s seen dancing to the catchy tune.

Pauline’s hilarious dance-off comes one day before the country goes to the polls, and a day after she ferociously attacked Today show host Deborah Knight live on air in a stunning tirade of insults. 

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