WATCH: Pauline Hanson attacks Deborah Knight on air: ‘Bring back Karl!’

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One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has ferociously attacked the Today show and their new panel of hosts live on-air in a stunning tirade. 

During this morning’s segment on the flailing breakfast show, Today co-host Deborah Knight interviewed the controversial political figure, pointing out to Pauline that her latest poll show that her party’s primary vote has collapsed. 

“The latest Newspoll, it shows support for One Nation collapsing to four per cent, on par with Clive Palmer’s party,” Knight said.

“In light of all the things you’ve faced, all the scandals, all the things that have been going on, can you really blame people for having their doubts about One Nation and considering Clive (Palmer) over you?”

As expected, the observation did not go down well…

Watch Pauline’s epic response in the video below! 

“I’ve actually gone up since the last election, unlike your show, Deb, since you’ve actually taken over,” Senator Hanson shot back, before hitting the co-host with this epic burn, “You’ve actually gone down in your viewership.”

“Ooh, you’re having a go,” Knight heatedly rebuked. 

Senator Hanson was far from done with her brutal takedown of the new Today show, adding: “So, should you hand over your job or should we bring Karl back? Should we bring Karl back? You have a go at me about this all the time.”

Hanson demanding Karl Stefanovic be brought back to Today obviously hit a sore spot at Channel Nine, as reports the clip showing Pauline’s criticism of the show was swiftly taken down from Twitter as well as the shows Facebook page. 


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