EXCLUSIVE Married At First Sight 2020: Here’s What Contestants Think About Each Other

See what the brides and grooms REALLY feel about each other!
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Married At First Sight Australia has only just begun, yet everybody’s already talking about the biggest on-screen love experiment show. But have you ever wondered what the contestants really think about each other, outside of the show?

We caught up with the brides and grooms and asked them to reveal who we can expect to cause some drama over the coming months.

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“In terms of TV appeal, the dramatic ones are always going to stand out,” says bride Amanda.

“So, I think Hayley’s a definite stand out. Hayley, Natasha, Stacey. You know, there’s a blend of everything. There’s a blend of crazy, dramatic, normal.”

Cathy tells us she’s made a good friend on the show, however there was some people she had to be wary of and keep at at arm’s length while filming, because she couldn’t trust them.

MAFS Cathy
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According to the other contestants, there’s no one particular person to look out for – with a whole variety of large personalities cast in Married at First Sight. So, could we expect some brides and grooms going out of their way to claim their time in the spotlight?

With 2019 bride Lizzie returning to our screens, there’s sure to be some cocktail party dramas!

An interesting comment also came from groom Josh, who says Hayley, “certainly has a bit of energy behind her legs.”

So, now we know who the stand outs might be during this season of Married at First Sight, it’s time to grab the popcorn and get ready for all the MAFS drama!

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