Read this SAVAGE email from Kmart employee to plus-size customer


A plus-size shopper has been left feeling angry after being told by a Kmart employee that it wasn’t their job to “make you feel good about yourself” via one very snarky email. 

The Sydney woman has claimed that while visiting her local store to try on outfits, she became frustrated by the lack of plus size options available. 

On top of lack of sufficient clothing options, the woman says that when she asked a staff member for help she was pointed in the wrong direction, twice. 

Clearly frustrated by her shopping experience, the woman took to the internet and posted a complaint to the retailers Facebook page. 

Instead of receiving an apology, the woman was sent one very rude email from a customer service member just a few days after her complaint was posted. 

The blunt email, which has been obtained by The Daily Mail, reads as follows:

“Thank you for contacting us. Whilst we try to cater for as many people as possible please understand people come in all shapes and sizes and we can’t cater for absolutely everyone.

“It is not entirely our job to make you feel good about yourself.”

Oh dear. 

Since the subpar response from the popular chain went public, a Kmart spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia: “We are truly sorry for these comments and have spoken directly to this customer to apologise. 

“This does not reflect Kmart’s views at all. We want every customer that interacts with Kmart to have a pleasurable shopping experience and on this occasion, we have not lived up to this commitment.”

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