Ita Buttrose and Denise Drysdale in ‘nasty feud’ shock

The two are claimed to be at loggerheads
Studio 10Studio 10

Ita Buttrose and Denise Drysdale are both favourites among Studio 10 fans, but sources have sensationally claimed the two are involved in a ‘nasty feud.’ 

A source told that Drysdale made it clear to producers that she was not happy with the existing seating arrangement, which had the two women seated next to each other.

Subsequently, Buttrose was moved from her usual position for today’s show and was instead seated next to Natasha Belling. 

A Network Ten spokesperson has since told, ‘Ita and Denise are consummate professionals and these unsubstantiated allegations are offensive.’ 

‘Ita and Denise have the highest respect for one another and thoroughly enjoy working as part of the Studio 10 family together. To suggest otherwise is nonsense and deliberately mischievous.’

Fans were also quick to notice what they perceived to be the growing tension between the two women. 

‘Is it just me or have I sensed that there is tension among the regular panellists?’ wrote a viewer on the Studio 10 Facebook page.

Both Buttrose and Drysdale are yet to speak directly on the alleged feud. 

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