Revealed: Horrifying details of attack on Kate Langbroek

A man attempted to enter her home earlier this year.

The horrific details of an alleged attack on radio personality Kate Langbroek have emerged. 

Sembeta Defa, 38, faced Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday over an alleged attack on Langbroek, 52, back in March. 

The court heard that Defa was armed with a 40cm-long metal bar and a skewer, when he kicked at the door of Ms Langbroek’s home. 

The Herald Sun reports that Defa shouted, ‘this is my bloody home, this is my f***ing home!’, while Langbroek’s three children – 8, 11, and 14. 

The court also heard Mr Defa followed Ms Langbroek’s babysitter Annabelle to her car and ran at her as she left the home.

After Annabelle tried and failed to lock herself in the car, Mr Defa then allegedly followed her as she fled back towards the home.

‘Don’t you dare f***ing go back into that house,’ he allegedly shouted at her.

Langbroek’s husband Peter Lewis then came out to investigate.

Mr Defa allegedly ran back towards the home, allegedly pushing Ms Langbroek into the gate, the impact leaving her right arm severely bruised.

The homeowners managed to run back to the front door of their house and lock it, bracing it shut. Mr Defa was then arrested by police. 

Mr Defa’s lawyer told the court his client was having a mental health episode and believed he lived at Ms Langbroek’s home.

‘He claimed he thought he lived there and it’s not implausible he felt that way [due to his history of mental illness],’ the lawyer told the court.


At the time of the attack, Langbroek took to social media to share details of the horrifying attack.

Langbroek captioned: ‘This is the bruise I sustained trying to keep that ‘vulnerable’ resident from kicking our front door in on Friday night. Children inside. The real vulnerable are the decent citizens of St Kilda.’

The comedian is claiming that she and her husband had arrived back in St Kilda when a man attempted to force his way into her babysitter’s car, before being involved in an altercation and trying to break into their home. 

As she went to investigate, the ‘deranged’ man turned on Langbroek and attempted to push past her and into where her children, aged from eight to 12, were sleeping.

The radio personality has called on the Victorian government to ‘clean up’ the area which has a long history of drug overdoses, homelessness and street sex workers.

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