Chezzi Denyer reveals SHOCK health condition

"I've been literally bed ridden."
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She’s set to welcome her third child with husband Grant Denyer in March next year.

But now, Chezzi Denyer is revealing the hard truths of her latest pregnancy, admitting she’s been bed-ridden with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is also known as extreme morning sickness.

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Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a pregnancy complication that can cause severe nausea, vomiting, weight-loss and possible dehydration.

Stars like the Duchess of Cambridge and Amy Schumer are just some of the high-profile names to have suffered from the illness.

In a candid new Instagram post, Chezzi spoke about the challenges of the condition.

“I’ve had it each pregnancy. With the girls I got bad about 8 weeks… but this time much earlier. Can’t keep food or water down. Profusely vomiting. Severe nausea. Feeling faint and dizzy. Waking through the night to throw up,” the mother-of-two admitted, alongside a selfie showing her hooked up to a drip, clad in a mask.

Chezzi has been bed ridden for weeks. (Credit: Instagram)

The producer went on to explain her illness has been so bad, she’s been in bed for over two months.

“I’ve been literally bed ridden for over 8 weeks now suffering from HG… with my respite being thrice weekly trips to my local hospital for fluids and anti-vomit medications,” she said.

“I cannot give enough praise to my local ambulatory care team of nurses and doctors, who have helped get me this far. They’ve become my friends these past few months. They make me smile and laugh when I feel so terrible, and I adore them!”

Chezzi is already a doting mum to two girls. (Credit: Instagram)

Chezzi also thanked her team of medical professionals for making her as comfortable as possible.

“Also I want to make mention of my own Doctor, Sarah Koffman who has been such a beautiful wonderful friend to me through this horrendous process. And my Obstetrician, the marvellous Dr Katrina Green who has created a program to try make my HG manageable without any hospital admissions or extended stays like I had when pregnant with Sailor and Scout,” she said.

Despite having an extremely rough first trimester, Chezzi said the pregnancy was still a much longed-for addition to their family, after she and Grant tried for a “very long time” to fall pregnant with their third child.

“Please don’t get me wrong, I am overjoyed I am pregnant. We tried for a very long time!”

“We tried for a very long time,” Chezzi revealed of her pregnancy. (Credit: Ten)

The Mummy Time TV host urged her followers to seek help if they’re feeling unwell during their pregnancies.

“I knew I would suffer HG again… but, I forgot how tough it was.. but that’s what us women do I guess.. If you didn’t slightly forget or if the memory of childbirth didn’t fade, would you go back?”

“If you’re pregnant and you become very unwell seek medical advice. Please. You could have HG, yes it’s what Princess Kate so famously suffers from. Left untreated, HG can be extremely dangerous to you AND your baby.

“There are medications and vitamins that can help… and as you can see in this picture, regular IV’s of fluid can also help,” Chezzi pleaded.

The 41-year-old signed off her update by admitting she usually starts to feel better by the 20 week mark.

“Usually, I start to feel better around the 20week mark, and that makes me lucky as I know many women who suffer from HG the entire pregnancy. If you hear of someone having HG, know that it’s extreme morning sickness.. with sometimes drastic weight loss. It’s miserable. It’s draining. It’s all consuming.. and not something ginger beer or some crackers can fix. Big hugs x,” she concluded.

Grant, 42, and Chezzi announced their exciting pregnancy news last week, via an adorable video on their respective Instagram pages starring their two daughters, Sailor, eight, and Scout, four.

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