Farmer Paige quits Farmer Wants a Wife AGAIN

This time for good
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Farmer Paige left fans distraught when she sent her final two packing and walked out of Farmer Wants A Wife just one episode before the finale.

By the end of the farm stays, Paige hadn’t felt a genuine romantic spark with Cody or Ayden, and though Cody became her first kiss on the show, his hesitance left Paige worried.

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“He keeps saying that he doesn’t wanna lead anyone on and he doesn’t want just that physical connection that he’s had with people before,” she confessed after their overnight date.

“And there’s part of me that just wonders if he lets go of that and just holds on to the emotional connection that’s there, then maybe he’ll allow something to grow.”

Farmer Will stepped in and tried to encourage Cody to open up more, but even as he was doing that Paige was struggling to see how far the other farmers had come with their matches.

In the end, she knew neither Cody nor Ayden were ‘The One’ and shocked everyone by walking away from the show entirely.

“I actually think we may not be suited for each other and that the person that you’re looking for to come back to your farm and have a family is not me,” she told Ayden. “And the person that I’m looking for is not in you.”

Paige was the first female farmer to appear on the show
Paige was the first female farmer to appear on the show (Credit: Seven)

Then Paige had to face Cody, telling him that she wouldn’t let him make her feel like she wasn’t “enough” for him.

“I know that’s not the exact words that you’re saying to me, but that’s how I feel when, essentially, you kissed me and then are so distant,” she admitted.

“I really was hoping this was going somewhere, but I can’t keep hoping and questioning my own self-worth.”

Though viewers at home were heartbroken that Paige hadn’t found love, she said walking away from the show single despite all her best efforts was actually “empowering”.

Paige said walking away from the show single was actually
Paige said walking away from the show single was actually “empowering”. (Credit: Seven)

“Saying goodbye to [Cody] was empowering, because I chose me,” she said.

“I came here looking for love and I haven’t found that with someone, but I’ve found a new love for myself and that’s incredible.”

Paige’s shock exit on Tuesday night means there will only be three farmers heading into the finale on Monday, following Benjamin’s sudden exit earlier this week.

He quit the show when he received devastating news about his grandma’s health, saying he “had to jump ship” to be by her side.

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