Cocaine Cassie: Love behind bars

From love to beauty pageants, inside Cassie's new life.

Convicted and jailed in a Bogota women’s prison for smuggling drugs, Cassie Sainsbury may have found love behind bars.

Exclusively speaking to New Idea from her Colombian jail cell, the former personal trainer hinted at a possible same-sex romance on the horizon.

“It’s something that’s just starting,” Cassie reveals, before going silent when asked if it was with a male or female.

But her mum Lisa is fully supportive of the idea. “It wouldn’t bother me. I’m openminded,” she says. “Love is love and as long as Cassie’s happy, that’s all I care about.”

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Despite her daughter’s current situation, Lisa has high hopes for Cassie’s future.

“I’d love for her to settle down and have a family,” she confesses.

“I have four grandchildren with my other daughter and I’d love to add to the little brood with Cassie’s.”

The Adelaide native recently spent a weekend attending a beauty pageant. “There’s a day called ‘Day of the Mercedes’ and basically the prison celebrates being in prison,” Cassie says. “The pageant has a theme and this year we were given the theme of travelling through the ages.”

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Not only was the convicted drug trafficker allowed to attend the pageant, she was also a star of the show. “We were given the theme of the ’80s and they wanted me to be Madonna,” Cassie says.

“They brought in a dress from outside and they brought in hair and makeup stylists.”


Her mum, however, was quite surprised by the annual event.

“The last thing I would’ve expected is this,” Lisa tells New Idea. “But it lifted Cassie’s spirits and gives her something to look forward to.”

In terms of her friends back home, Cassie says she doesn’t really speak to anyone, including her ex-fiance Scott.

“I broke up with him and since I finished things we haven’t spoken.” As for Cassie’s conviction, she still maintains her innocence.

“I was never given a chance to even attempt to remember my password,” she says. “I know what everyone thinks of me. That I’m a drug trafficker. That I don’t care about people’s lives. They’re wrong.”

And her mum stands by her on this, saying: “I fully believe she was set up and was purposely used. Caught up with the wrong people and taken advantage of.”

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