Winter laundry made easy with sell-out ALDI item

This hot ticket item will revolutionise how you dry clothes in winter.
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An ALDI fan favourite has relaunched just in time for winter! 

It’s no secret that laundry becomes markedly more difficult in the wintertime. With the cold, rain, and wind significantly affecting drying time, many of us will resort to dryers. Dryer use isn’t cheap however, and for those who don’t own such appliances, drying racks are often the next best bet.

Notably, airing damp clothes indoors still presents its challenges, with chilly indoor temperatures and lack of natural light slowing down the process significantly. This is where ALDI’s heated drying rack comes in. The $60 laundry item is highly coveted due to its airing/heating function.

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The aluminium clothes airer holds up to 15kg of damp clothing and has a max power of 230W. 

It’s the 20 heated tubes that sets this dryer apart from others, however. Unlike your standard clothes rack, ALDI’s heated airer has an all-important heating function.

ALDI Heated Clothes Airer (Credit: ALDI)

Flying off the shelves in past seasons, the $60 laundry item recently re-entered ALDI stores on April 29. 

Loved internationally, the hot ticket item has received stellar reviews.

I brought this last month for my daughter as she was struggling to get her clothes dry in an older house. She is very happy with the airer. It’s very reasonable to use and dries her washing very quickly. It also warms an otherwise damp bedroom,” one reviewer wrote.

“Had a smaller one previously not much heat this is bigger and hotter despite not using a lot of electricity,” another wrote.

It is important to note that the item has received other mixed feedback saying, clothing is best dried when laid flat across the drying tubes and it works better for one person, as opposed to a family.

With primarily 5-star ratings, it’s safe to say it has been a hit in many households.

The popular item also folds up for easy storage.

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