Allen’s Lollies increase Fantales production for final month

The beloved sweet treats are being discontinued.
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In news that left the team at New Idea absolutely devasted, Allen’s Lollies announced that they would be discontinuing their beloved chocolate product Fantales. 

The news was announced on June 20th on the official Allen’s Lollies Facebook page. 

According to Allen’s Lollies, the production of Fantales just wasn’t sustainable anymore due to the drop in popularity. 

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“Today we’re sharing the sad news that we are deleting Fantales,” the post began. 

“We know Fantales is a product that many of us grew up with, whether they were enjoyed on trips to the movies, or eaten on family trips to the movies, or eaten on family trivia nights – however, this iconic Aussie lolly has been experiencing declining sales.”

Fantales will soon be gone forever. (Credit: Allen’s Lollies)

The post then continued: “Like you, we are sad to say goodbye. We anticipate that Fantales will be available until the end of July 2023, so make sure you stock up and take yourself down memory lane with our trivia questions.”

“Rest assured we’re continuing to make other delicious Allen’s lollies, including favourites such as Snakes Alive, Party Mix, and Minties.”

Fans were left heartbroken by the news. (Credit: Facebook)

Fantales consumers were understandably not a fan of this decision, taking to the comments section to vent about their sadness to reading the news. 

“PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!!! Fantales are seriously my all-time favourite sweets! I cannot imagine life without them!!!” one commenter expressed. 

“That’s horrible news, whoever’s behind this decision should be sent to jail!” said another. 

Responding to the commentators Allen’s Lollies wrote that “declining sales and the need for significant upgrades” at the Melbourne Allen’s factory were the reason behind the sad decision. 

Fantales are world famous for the iconic movie trivia printed on the wrappers. (Credit: Allen’s Lollies)

Luckily for Fantales lovers, production of the fan favourites has been increased due to an “enormous rush in demand.”

“It’s just completely off the chart in terms of this enormous rush,” Allen’s Lollies spokesperson Margaret Stuart told radio station 3AW. 

“You are hard-pressed to find a Fantale out there in stores right now.”

For it’s final month on the market, production of Fantales has been increased due to “enormous demand.” (Credit: Allen’s Lollies)

The world-famous sweets – that for the uninitiated are a chewy caramel with a rich chocolate coating – first landed on Aussie supermarket shelves in 1930. 

They are also known for the iconic movie trivia that is printed on the wrappers. 

Hurry, Fantales stocks at your local supermarket won’t last long!

More information can be found here. 

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