Aldi teases launch of online shopping

"You will see us entering that space in the future..."
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In news that is sure to bring a smile to the dial of savvy shoppers everywhere, German grocery giant ALDI is set to enter the online shopping marketplace!

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Whilst ALDI currently does have an Australian website that lists its special buys, catalogue, and store location and hours amongst other things, they do not currently have an online shopping interface like competitors Coles and Woolworths have. 

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Speaking at a parliamentary inquiry regarding economic dynamism, ALDI Director of Customer Interactions Adrian Christie spoke of the business’s exciting plans for the future. 

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“You will see us entering that space in the future,” he explained. 

“I think there is significant share moving into the online space.” 

In a follow-up statement to 9Honey, he didn’t confirm a launch date for ALDI’s entrance into the eCommerce space but did double down that it was likely to eventually happen.

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“We are keeping a close eye on the eCommerce opportunity as we look to maximise customer convenience; however, we believe our fundamental responsibility, particularly now, is keeping the price of customers’ weekly shop as low as possible.”

“One of the major ways we are able to offer the highest quality groceries at the lowest prices is our streamlined business model that is focused on simplicity,” he continued. 

“While we are always looking at the environment and considering an online experience, we won’t bring this forward until we have a model where associated overheads of eCommerce in no way compromises our ability to deliver low priced groceries to Australians.”

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Speaking of low-price groceries, ALDI has recently been named Australia’s favourite supermarket for the sixth year in a row!

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Consumer research and ratings business Canstar Blue surveyed thousands of shoppers as part of its annual Supermarket Satisfaction Ratings to come to the conclusion. 

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“Aldi has won a spot in the hearts and back pockets of Aussie shoppers through one simple and consistent commitment – high-quality products at competitively low prices,” Aldi Australia Group Director Simon Padovani-Ginies said when the news was first announced. 

“Being credited as the only five-star rated supermarket shows our day-in, day-out commitment to deliver market-leading prices on high-quality goods is resonating with our shoppers.”

“We simply won’t be beaten on the cost of the weekly shop.”

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