Twisties drop cheese and chicken scented candle collection

Fans can't decide if the candles are weird or wonderful.
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Twisties have infused the chicken and cheese flavours chip fans across the country know and love into a first-of-a-kind candle collection. 

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Yes, you read that right!

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Designed to infuse homes across the country with the mouthwatering aromas of chicken and cheese, the two candles were created in collaboration with Angel Aromatics and have been described as a “jaw-dropping sensory experience” for fans of the snack food. 

All your twisted dreams have just come true! (Credit: Twisties/Angel Aromatics)

Twisties Brand Manager Melanie Saluni told New Idea that the one-of-a-kind releases were “the ultimate Aussie candles”,  assuring readers that they smell just as good as the Twisties Cheese and Chicken tastes. 

“Twisties has always been about more than just chips; it’s a brand that loves to create unexpected fun in the lives of Aussies,” she shared. 

“We love providing our Twisties fans with new and unforgettable twists, helping to provide some fun along the way.”  

Light these bad boys up and let the cheese and chicken goodness delight your twisted senses. (Credit: Twisties/Angel Aromatics)

Director of Angel Aromatics Susanna Cutcliffe said she “never expected” to collaborate with a brand like Twisties on a candle range. 

“With these scents being so iconic and recognisable to Australians, we had to get them perfect,” Susanna told New Idea.

“We’re so excited to see this collection drop and to offer Aussies a totally unique twist on their candle collection with this super fun collab. We know these will be a sell-out.”  

Speaking of selling out, these candles will only be available to purchase for a limited time only, online and in-store at the Angel Aromatics store in Balmain, Sydney for just $24.95. 

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