Hot cross bun flavoured cereal launches just in time for Easter

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While Easter is still a few months away, hot cross buns have risen to the occasion with new twists on the classic and exciting flavour combinations.

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The hot cross bun has earned itself a spot as an Easter staple for its iconic flavours that are celebrated by Australian families and foodies alike every year.

Fans can now enjoy the rich indulgent taste of freshly baked hot cross buns in their daily bowl of cereal, with the launch of Kellogg’s new limited-edition Sultana Bran flavour.

Sultana Bran Hot Cross Bun Flavour Cereal
Sultana Bran Hot Cross Bun Flavour Cereal. (Credit: Supplied)

The Sultana Bran Hot Cross Bun Flavour Cereal combines malty flakes and sultanas with cinnamon and spice, and can be enjoyed with warm milk for that added burst of flavour.

Dan Bitti, Kellogg’s Breakfast Lead said, “Australia loves the humble Hot Cross Bun for its delicious combination of sweet cinnamon, spices and, of course, sultanas.”

“For the first time ever, we’ve combined this flavour of Hot Cross Buns that Aussies adore, with the much-loved tasty and healthy goodness of Sultana Bran to create an unmissable limited edition that won’t be around for long,” Dan said.

Available for a limited time only, you can now get your hands on the new Sultana Bran Hot Cross Bun Flavour Cereal exclusively at Woolworths nationwide for $6.95.

Hot cross buns
Hot cross buns. (Credit: Supplied)

Aussies will also be able to spot the new Caramilk Hot Cross Buns on supermarket shelves – a first of its kind in Australia.

The limited-edition hot cross buns are filled with Cadbury Caramilk chips, and are exclusively available from Woolworths Supermarkets and Metro stores in a four-pack for $4.50.

Shoppers will also find the traditional Woolworths hot cross bun range in stores, featuring fruitless, fruit and Cadbury milk chocolate fillings.

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