Domino’s baked bean pizza divides Australia’s foodies

"Is this a blessing or a crime?"
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Domino’s has divided foodies across the nation by opting to make a pizza with Heinz tinned baked beans.

WATCH BELOW: Dominos put Heinz Beans on a pizza

The inventive pizza, which was shared on their socials this week, featured a baked bean and cheese base, with salami and ham slices added on top.

The end of the video had people reacting to the pizza, with most agreeing it was actually really good.

But followers in the comments had many opinions.

“Nah, this ain’t it,” one follower wrote. (Credit: Instagram)

“Nah this ain’t it,” wrote one account.

“OH MY GOD. I would order right now for beans,” another added.

“Crime, add pineapple for a capital offence,” a third said.

“A blessing – how do we order one?!” the official Heinz Australia account shared.

However, the funniest contribution came from the official Queensland Police Instagram account.

“Can confirm a crime has been committed,” they wrote.

Hopefully these bad boys will be available soon! (Credit: Instagram)

So, is it likely we’ll see this collaboration come on sale anytime soon?

Heinz are definitely backing the idea.

“Heinz Beans are a much-loved Australian household favourite and what better way to compliment them than having Domino’s cover their iconic pizza base with Beanz,” said Rebecca Preston, Chief Marketing Officer at Heinz Australia.

And we can probably claim the pizza isn’t all that bad for you, given that beans are a great source of protein and fibre!

Heinz are backing the collaboration. (Credit: Getty)

There’s also been some suggestions in the comment section for Domino’s to consider.

While some are asking for no meat and vegan cheese, others want to see the pizza re-made with tinned spaghetti instead.

We’re now anxiously awaiting to see if this divisive pizza will hit the market! Your move, Domino’s.

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