‘A match made in heaven’: Domino’s introduces new Cheese Toastie Crust

When worlds collide!
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Combining pizza with a childhood favourite; Domino’s has officially launched its new Cheese Toastie Crust.

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You can now enjoy your favourite pizza with a generous sprinkle of Australian Cheddar Cheese right to the edge of the crust with Domino’s Cheese Toastie Crust.

The new oozy slice option is now available nationwide for a limited time only for $2.50 extra, and can be enjoyed on a Classic Base only.

Pizza fans will find it hard to refuse the ‘cheesy ring of cheddar’, with the crust reminiscent of a certain beloved sizzling cheese toast of years gone by.

dominos cheese toastie crust
Domino’s Cheese Toastie Crust can be enjoyed on a Classic Base. (Credit: Supplied)

Domino’s ANZ Chief Marketing Officer Adam Ballesty said never before had everyone’s favourite childhood, indulgent snack been combined with pizza, but that it’s a match made in (cheese) heaven.

“I’m sure everyone can attest to fond memories of enjoying a cheese toastie, and in fact, it’s something many of us still love, and very much miss, to this day,” Adam said.

“With Domino’s Cheese Toastie Crust, we wanted to offer everyone the comfort of a cheese toastie but elevate the experience by transforming it into a pizza crust.”

dominos cheese toastie crust
A song dedicated to the launch has also been released. (Credit: Supplied)

What’s more, Domino’s is giving one lucky couple the chance to win their wedding catered by Domino’s, with a song dedicated to the launch.

“Knowing how beloved pizza and cheese toasties are, we’ve also gone a step further to celebrate these two great loves joining together by releasing a song dedicated to 2021’s greatest couple: Cheese Toastie Love,” Adam said.

“The ultimate love ballad, as sung by David Novak of Australia’s Polish Club and up- and-coming musical talent Natalie Conway tells the love story of pizza and cheese toastie in the form of melt worthy verses and an all too catchy hook.”

You can find out more about the competition here.

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