The best multi-purpose pots and pans you can buy under $160

This cult brand has it all.

Whether you’re moving house, your food won’t stop sticking to the bottom of the pan, or your saucepan is starting to look a little worse for wear, there are plenty of great reasons to upgrade your kitchenware.

If you’re not ready to invest in a full set but want to treat yourself, and ultimately, your tastebuds to something new, there are plenty of great brands on the market that allow you to build out your own collection of essentials without a Michelin-level price tag.

Take Cosmic Cookware for example, where the brand offers an extensive range of affordable and top-quality kitchenware that won’t break your budget.

Inspired by the flavours of the East, the brand’s new Feast Collection was made specifically to cater to Asian cuisines, whether that’s a quick and tasty stir-fry or indulgent dumplings.

The Feast Collection includes two new pans – the Cosmo Wok and the Cosmo Fry – which both feature the cookware brand’s signature non-toxic ceramic coating and its thoughtfully designed ergonomic handles.

To learn more about these two pieces of cookware and explore more Cosmic Cookware pans under $160, read on below.

The best picks from Cosmic Cookware under $160

cosmo wok

Cosmo Wok, $159

While woks are typically reserved for making speedy stir fries, you also can use them to boil or even shallow fry other dishes, such as spring rolls or dumplings.

Thanks to its tall sides and rounded shape, Cosmic Cookware’s new wok can do a much better job at heating up its contents quickly and evenly than your typical pan, so you can whip up a midweek dinner within minutes.


cosmo fry

Cosmo Fry 28, $159

There’s no doubt about it — a good frying pan is a non-negotiable in any kitchen. How else are you meant to fry up some bacon and eggs on a Saturday morning, or brown some protein for your meal prep?

This newly available 28-inch frying pan features ergonomic handles and curves that are better equipped for flipping and tossing, so you can fry up a storm.

Cosmic Cookware also has a smaller 24-inch frying pan available for creating lighter meals or smaller batches.


cosmo saucepan

Cosmo Saucepan, $83.90 (was $139)

Whether you need to boil potatoes, pasta, or some veggies, a saucepan is an absolute must.

Thankfully, this perfectly-sized saucepan works with all types of stoves – whether it’s gas, electric, or induction – and comes with a matching glass lid to stylishly and practically keep the heat in.


cosmo pan

Cosmo Pan, $149 (was $159)

If your kitchen is on the small side and lacks storage space, or you just need a one-pot-cooks-all piece of cookware, then look no further than the Cosmo Pan.

Featuring newly added solid stainless steel handles and Swiss-certified non-stick ceramic coating, this all-rounder will get any job done in a tick.

If you’re going to walk away with any pot or pan from Cosmic Cookware, let it be this one.



Cosmo Casserole, $139 (was $149)

While a frying pan or saucepan is great for sauteing meat and vegetables, a casserole is a must for recreating comfort meals reminiscent of old childhood favourites.

Cosmic Cookware’s casserole pot is ideal for stewing, braising, boiling, and even baking – perfect for a three-ingredient casserole, a one-pot pasta dish, or even a hearty stew in winter.

Plus, this dish is even oven-safe up to 230º, so you can pop it in for fuss-free baked dishes.


See the entire Cosmic Cookware Feast Collection here.

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