Americans Krystle & Michelle win LegoMasters Australia vs The World

Here's how the friends plan on spending their $100,000 in prize money...
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After a grueling month of competition, Americans Michelle Brooks and Krystle Starr have won LegoMasters Australia season six, aka LegoMasters Australia vs The World

In the first global showdown of its kind, four teams from Australia faced off against competitors from the likes of Denmark, France, Germany, and the USA.

While it would have been nice to see an Aussie team nab the crown, the fast friends from Texas were well deserving of the highly coveted brick trophy, the grand title of LEGO Masters, and the $100,000 cash prize which they undoubtedly will split.

In the final build of the season, the girls faced off against eventual runners-up Felix and Annalena from Germany and mother-son duo Dianne and Shane from Australia who came in third. 

The biggest build in LEGO Masters Australia history. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Tasked with creating anything they wanted within a 28 hour period, Team USA built a giant life-sized art studio that was just shy of six feet and constructed with more than 20,000 2 x 4 bricks – aka the biggest build in LEGO Masters Australia history.

“Two girls winning…I feel like little girls all over thinking they can do it too,” an excited Michelle shared after they were crowned, Krystle adding: “And they can. I could not be more proud of the two of us.”

The Brickman praised the girls for the consistency they had shown in their builds all season long, joking that their builds really gave new meaning to the phrase “everything is bigger in Texas.”

“Out of all our teams here, your consistency really shone through.”

The girls were besides themselves with excitement when they found out they had won. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Krystle and Michelle are now the only first all-female team to win any LEGO Masters series worldwide. 

Previously they competed on LEGO Masters in the USA in different teams and seasons in 2020 and 2021 where they failed to reach the final three.

Speaking with 9Entertainment after their history-making win, Michelle described their win as “mind-blowing.”

“I don’t even have words. It’s crazy to even think about.”

“It’s surreal, it still doesn’t feel real,” Krystle added.

While Krystle will be buying some LEGO and fixing up her family home, Krystle says she will be using her share of the prize money to redesign her at-home LEGO Brickpit, “Those shelves are very expensive,” she joked.

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