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Where are the winners of LEGO Masters Australia now?

They've been busy!
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LEGO Masters Australia started back in 2019 and has continued to grow in popularity over the five years the show has been on air. 

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The new season of LEGO Masters is fast approaching and fans can’t wait to watch the all-star cast fight to win the title of Grand Master. 

As the anticipation for the upcoming season rises, fans have begun to wonder what happened to those who have won the series in previous years, taking home both the LEGO trophy and $100,000.

Keep scrolling to see all the winners of LEGO Masters Australia and where they are now…

Henry and Cade (Credit: Nine)

Henry and Cade, Season One (2019)

Henry and Cade were the first-ever winners of LEGO Masters Australia and were actually strangers before the show, not meeting until they were partnered up!

Since their appearance on the reality TV series, the pair have continued to be involved in the LEGO community and have become quite well-known in LEGO circles.

As for their personal lives, Cade and his wife who already shared a child together, Duke, during Cade’s time on-screen, later welcomed their second child, Theodore, on August 1, 2019. 

“For those asking why I’ve been a bit quiet lately, now you know! Juggling preparation for our new arrival and now burping Theo and changing tiny nappies is my new pass time 😅,” he wrote on Instagram at the time.

Henry made a return to LEGO Masters in 2021 for the Bricksmas special, pairing up with Sophie Monk for the episode. He will also return to the series for this year’s Grandmasters season.

The two have remained in contact and even co-authored their own book, Brick Dad, which is filled with brick-built dad jokes. 

Jackson and Alex (Credit: Nine)

Jackson and Alex, Season Two (2020)

Unlike the winners of season one, Jackson, who resides in Fremantle, and Alex, who resides in Perth, had been best friends since high school before appearing on the show. Following their win, their price money was put towards very responsible things as they had originally planned.

Jackson put his money towards his house which he and his partner had purchased before the show, and Alex put his share towards a house deposit. 

The pair have been working on various projects with the not-for-profit organisation FORM, located in Western Australia. Their main contribution to the organisation, which they post about regularly on their Instagram pages, is an immersive exhibition called Relics: Bricks of the New World. 

Jackson and Alex also appeared in the 2022 LEGO Masters Bricksmas Special. 

David and Gus (Credit: Nine)

David and Gus, Season Three (2021)

Since their win, David and Gus have both continued building their own creations with the hopes of making LEGO a full-time job. As for the $100,000 they went home with… Gus spent some of his money on new furniture for his home while David put his share towards paying off his house.

A couple of years later, David and Gus returned to LEGO Masters for the 2023 season, however, they unfortunately did not take home the prize money and trophy for a second year. 

Joss and Henry (Credit: Nine)

Joss and Henry, Season Four (2022)

Joss and Henry, the brothers from Newcastle, New South Wales, took home the trophy in 2022, however, they missed the series so much they just had to return in 2023 for LEGO Masters Grandmasters. 

Joss works at his local LEGO store and continues to spend A LOT of time building. Henry works as a work safety officer but still finds a way to spend just as much time with LEGO. 

As for their personal lives, Joss married his girlfriend Maria on September 16, 2023: “It really was the most incredible day and we’re both so thankful to all the people who helped make it happen,” he wrote at the time.

Hnery dyed his hair blonde temporarily and continued playing in his band. He and his girlfriend Mel also appear to be going strong and appear on each other’s Instagram pages regularly. 

Scott and Owen (Credit: Nine)

Scott and Owen, Season Five (2023)

It’s been almost one year since Scott and Owen won season five of LEGO Masters, however, the two have been busy! Scott used his prize money to purchase a 2006 Toyota LandCruiser Sahara, which he had his heart set on even before winning, and Owen put the money towards a house extension and a new car for his wife.

Just days before the pair won the series, Owen and his wife Arianah welcomed their first child, Olive Grace… it’s fair to say they have been very busy ever since.

As for Scott, he and his girlfriend Elle took a big trip to Thailand; he shared many photos of their adventures to their Instagram. 

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