Meet the talented teams competing in LEGO Masters this year

The new season will premiere on April 14th.
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Since its debut in 2019, LEGO Masters Australia has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of Australians who tune in to watch the skill, imagination, and creativity of expert LEGO builders as they create mind-blowing designs and compete for the highly coveted title of ‘LEGO Master’.

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Over the years, five teams have emerged triumphant from the family-friendly reality show, earning themselves a cool $100,000 in prize money for their efforts in the process. 

In 2023, it was returnee LEGO Masters competitors Scott and Owen who took home the title of Australia’s ‘LEGO Masters’ for 2023, having placed third in season three. 

But it remains to be seen who will follow in their footsteps in 2024 for season six which will feature four brand-new Aussie teams who will take on four International LEGO teams from Denmark, Germany, France, and the USA in a season Channel Nine has dubbed LEGO Masters Australia vs The World.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

When will LEGO Masters Australia vs The World premiere?

The new season of Lego Masters Australia will premiere on Sunday, April 14th at 7:00pm on Channel 9 and 9NOW. 

Who is hosting LEGO Masters Australia vs The World?

Beloved Australian comedian Hamish Blake is returning to host Lego Masters in 2024 alongside resident judge Ryan ‘Brickman McNaught’.

They will also be joined by Sophie Monk, Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli’, and Jordy Hocking (from Lego Masters season 1) for several guest judging appearances across the season.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Who are the contestants on LEGO Masters Australia vs The World?

Eric Milne and Ben Tusar. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Eric (21) and Ben (24), NSW, Australia 

Charlie Dineen and Haley Cobb. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Charlie (19) and Haley (25), VIC & QLD, Australia

Shane and Dianne Horvath. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Shane (38) and Dianne (59), WA, Australia

Emilio Capparella and Sam Hardy. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Emilio (38) and Sam (38), VIC, Australia

Peter Jensen and Isa Thylstrup. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Peter (41) and Isa (33), Denmark

Camille and Caroline Perrotte. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Camille (34) and Caroline (22), France

Annalena Rohr and Felix Geisbush. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Annalena (27) and Felix (21), Germany

Michelle Brooks and Krystle Starr. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Michelle (44) and Krystle (36), USA

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