Princess Kate’s pearl earrings are a sell out

The $220 accessories have proven to be a hit

Who’d have thought a pair of earrings would cause a buying frenzy, but that’s exactly what has happened after Kate Middleton was spotted at Wimbledon wearing some new accessories.

It wasn’t the recycled dress that has people talking, but rather the baroque pearls with multi-faceted Swarovski crystals from Soru Jewellery.

(Credit: Getty Images)
(Credit: Soru Jewellery)

Retailing for close to AUD$220, the earrings have proved to be extremely popular and have sold out within only 24 hours.

The designers, Francesca Kelly and Marianna Doyle, have told Who they couldn’t be more thrilled.

“We are delighted!  She is not only a style icon, but a fantastic role model and true beauty. It was such a proud moment for us.”

Still want your own pair of the earrings being nicknamed ‘Kate’s Pearl’?  You’ll be waiting for about a month due to the high demand.

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