Keira Maguire: Jarrod Woodgate broke my bed with new lover

The truth about their nasty split.
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Keira and Jarrod met and fell in love on Bachelor In Paradise, but the pair’s on-and-off relationship seems to have come to a very messy end.

Admitting it’s been too painful to discuss, former Bachelor star Keira Maguire has remained tight-lipped about her breakup with Jarrod Woodgate after he cruelly ghosted her on a night out never hearing from him again.

But after being taunted by salacious details of his new love life since the split – you need to see the shocking photos of him HOOKING UP with a mystery blonde in Bali, Keira has had enough.

Breaking her silence for the first time in an exclusive interview with New Idea, the reality TV star reveals what really went wrong.

WATCH BELOW: After all allegations, exes Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate just had the most awkward run-in  

“We broke up on a drunken night out over something silly and that was it,” Keira – who met Jarrod on BIP – says.

“He went back to the pub and I never heard from him again. Nothing at all and that was really hard for me. I wanted it to work. I’m a sucker for a fairytale ending which is why I went on The Bachelor in the first place.”

Fleeing to Bali with her girlfriends, Keira went into hiding, hoping time away would mend her broken heart.

“Having someone ghost you is probably the hardest break-up to go through. There is no last conversation which means I had no closure. Which I really struggled with,” she reveals.

But just as she felt brave enough to face the truth, three weeks later she received a bizarre phone call that brought her world crashing down.

When we were together I bought our bed and the shop must have had my number on file because they were calling to tell me the replacement bed slats were being delivered. So basically Jarrod had broken our bed. Doing what exactly? I think we all know.”

Bachelor In Paradise
Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate (Credit: Bachelor In Paradise)

Deciding she didn’t want to stick around for the details, Keira booked a trip to London hoping this time she’d return feeling ready to move on.

But just weeks later, arriving back at Melbourne airport, she opened her phone to a string of shocking messages regarding the pictures of Jarrod in Bali with a mystery blonde which were revealed first in New Idea last week – you can see them here. 

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“Jarrod was photographed with a girl on holiday and it turns out she had a boyfriend, who decided to reach out to me about their affair,” Keira says.

“He sent me all the details of what went down in the bedroom. What they did and how long it lasted. It was too much information. The whole situation has been so hurtful.”

Confronted with the sordid details while she was still mending her broken heart, Keira has had enough of protecting the man she loved.

New Idea
Keira shared the shocking message she received. (Credit: New Idea)

He promised me the world, marriage and children and told me he was ready to settle down, but reality is that wasn’t what
he wanted at all, he was more interested in going to the pub with his mates,” she says.

And while she is still devastated, Keira says in hindsight, she knows that everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes you have to see the darkness to appreciate the light.”

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