‘My darling Neesy’: Jess Rowe and Denise Drysdale reunite!

The pair haven't seen each other in a year!
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Jessica Rowe has delighted fans after reuniting with her former colleague and best friend Denise Drysdale after an entire year apart.

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Taking to Instagram, the former Studio 10 presenter shared two heartwarming photos with her dear friend, who was all smiles as she donned oven mitts in the kitchen before the women made a roast chicken.

“My heart is full… after a year I finally got to see my darling Neesy!” Jess captioned the post. “We’re back in the supermarket aisle & she’s also back at my stovetop.

Jess and Denise clicked instantly on the set of Studio 10. (Credit: Instagram)

“Love her SO MUCH! #craphousewife #supermarkethijinks #yeswemaderoastchook,” Jess ended the post.

The reunion garnered plenty of love from Jess’ industry friends, as well as fans.
Studio 10 co-host Sarah Harris was overjoyed when she wrote: “YASSSS ❤️.”

Meanwhile, TV and radio vet Dr Katrina Warren shared three 👏👏👏 emojis in delight.

A dedicated fan also suggested the pair should start their own TV show, assuring Jess “there’d be no better entertainment”.

“Love her SO MUCH!” (Credit: Instagram)

After meeting on the set of Studio 10, Jess and Denise clicked instantly before forming a firm friendship that has stood the test of time.

Speaking to 7:30 with Leigh Sales in 2019, the pair revealed that while they couldn’t be more different, the dynamic has proven to work in their favour.

“She is the most wonderful human being,” Denise gushed about her pal. “I feel like you’re an angel on earth, spreading love,” she told Jess directly.

“It’s very hard to make friends when you get older because you get set in your ways, so having Jess in my life is just wonderful.”

The self-proclaimed “Crap Housewife” was equally as complimentary about Denise, telling her: “What I adore about you is that you’re my partner in silliness… Your friendship brings such joy to my life.”

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