An upbringing in Saudi Arabia to taking down bin Laden: The intriguing past of SAS Australia’s Clint Emerson

Clint is one impressive DS.
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Aussies may only know Clint Emerson as SAS Australia‘s new straight-talking DS from Texas, but the 47-year-old has one of the most decorated military careers in history.

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Clint served a as a Navy SEAL combat medic, spending 20 years conducting special operations all over the world before retiring in 2015. Most notably, he was part of the elite SEAL Team Six, who was responsible for taking down Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Clint Emerson
Clint alongside his fellow SAS Australia DS. (Credit: Instagram)

But spending time in Afghanistan and Iraq on tour wasn’t a culture shock for the veteran, as he grew up in Saudi Arabia for his father’s job at an oil company. 

“Westerners are not exactly treated the best in Saudi Arabia, and as a child I didn’t care much for the people or the culture,” he told Texas Monthly in 2015.

“As an adult, I understand their culture better and accept that we were the visitors. But it left me with a certain dislike that led to becoming a SEAL and a desire to go back as a soldier.”

In his first book, Escape The Wolf, the 47-year-old touched on the cultural differences Americans often overlook when travelling internationally.

Clint Emerson
Clint served 20 years in the military, with the majority spent in the Navy SEALS. (Credit: Instagram)

“I feel most Americans leave themselves wide open on all four aspects, but cultural awareness is probably the weakest of the four,” he told So Frep in 2016.

“Americans tend to have no idea about the worlds they traverse, to include appropriate cultural mannerisms, protocol and proper etiquette.

“All of these can prevent you from being targeted or being unintentionally insulting to those around you. I tell companies all the time – the business card you collect can very well be the person to help you when good times go bad.”

Clint, who now lives in Texas, has gone on to do great things since leaving his fast-paced military days behind him.

He is also author of New York Times bestselling book, 100 Deadly Skills, which helps civilians everyday security.

Clint Emerson
Clint now runs a global security firm. (Credit: Instagram)

And when he’s not putting our favourite Aussie celebrities through their paces on SAS Australia, Clint spends his days running his company Escape the Wolf.

The firm focuses on workplace violence prevention and response and crisis management for small to companies all over the world. 

Despite his work with the SEALs equipping him for his new career, Clint doesn’t look back on his time in the military with rose coloured glasses.

“Being a SEAL is nothing more than being a professional troublemaker,” he said. “The biggest quality is being adaptable, being creative.” 

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