Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to finalise divorce in the next few weeks

A source has revealed

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are weeks away from a divorce settlement.

The former couple, who share six children together, have reportedly agreed on divorce terms, with lawyers putting the ‘finishing touches’ on paperwork.

‘The terms of the divorce are now agreed,’ a source said. ‘They are being finalised by both legal teams, but will be filed within weeks.’

The source also told UK newspaper The Sun: ‘It’s a huge turnaround from where the marriage ended, especially given the claims Angelina made against Brad, but they are now on pretty good terms. ‘Both decided it was crucial for the children that they had a respectful relationship.’

According to a source, both are back on the dating scene with Angelina rumoured to be dating a real estate agent. Meanwhile, Brad is said to be casually dating.

‘He’s very private about who he’s seeing, but he does continue to casually date,’ an insider said. ‘When they first split he spent a lot of time at home and was often very down about what was going on. He was a homebody for many months, but in the last month or two, he’s been going out more. ‘He enjoys going out to eat with close friends.’

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