Blair McDonough’s shock confession

Just one month after welcoming his second child to the world.

Parenting isn’t easy – Just ask Blair McDonough!

After announcing the arrival of his second child last month, the former Neighbours star has taken to Instagram to share a rather refreshing perspective on fatherhood. 

“Bonding is a tricky thing,” he captioned an adorable family selfie with his wife Kristi and their newborn baby Van.  


“Took me a number of weeks to bond with Leni when she was born and with Van at just over four weeks it’s starting to happen. It’s a welcome relief.”

“As I said, a tricky experience to go through,” he continued.

“He’d been unsettled since 4am and when he hit my chest at 6am he immediately calmed and fell asleep. He’s been snoring in unison with Mum for the past hour and it’s been absolutely lovely. I thought it was timely chance to show some Insta-truth more so than the default Insta-happy.’

“Mothers are phenomenal, but here’s a shout out to the Dads, both new and old. #VantheMan.”

Fans were quick to praise the actor for his candid admission, writing comments such as “Legend! Keeping it real #dadlife and “Well done on speaking your truth & that of a lot of men.”

Kristi couldn’t help but to repost the snap, singing her husband’s praises in a heartfelt tribute.


“So proud and so in love!” she wrote.

“Your honesty is so refreshing honey. You are an incredible dad and the best husband a girl could ever ask for. We are deep in the newborn trenches and I wouldn’t want to be here with anyone but you.”

The businesswoman and her 35-year-old beau – who shot to fame as a contestant on the first season of Big Brother – also welcomed a daughter named Leni to the world back in 2015.

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