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Abbie Chatfield reveals identity of secret boyfriend

"We're so in love."
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Since shooting to fame on season seven of The Bachelor in 2019, Abbie Chatfield has become one of Australia’s most famous faces.

She hosts a chart-topping podcast, hosted a national radio show, launched a clothing brand and alcohol range, and is also a star of The Masked Singer Australia and FBoy Island.

Naturally, with such success, much of her life is spent in the public eye, and her relationships are no exception. Scroll on as we unpack who Abbie Chatfield’s partner in 2024 is…

abbie chatfield partner adam hyde
Abbie hard-launched her new relationship with Adam in a two-part tell-all podcast episode released on June 4th, 2024. (Credit: LiSTNR)

Who is Abbie Chatfield currently dating?

After teasing the identity of her new boyfriend for months on her social media and podcast, Abbie confirmed on June 4th, 2024 that she is dating Peking Duk band member Adam Hyde.

The ARIA award-winning musician is best known for multi-platinum hits such as High, Take Me Over and Stranger.

In a two-part podcast episode titled ‘The Hard Launch’, the musician (who also releases music under the name Kelli Holiday) joined his girlfriend as the pair discussed their relationship, from how they got together, to the depth of their feelings for one another, to more intimate details.

“We’re so in love and we love talking about it,” Abbie shared with her loyal listeners, adding that the duo also have a “really healthy relationship.”

Her beau was quick to shower her with praise: “Abbie, I think you’re so kind and caring and intelligent and incredibly beautiful in a million different ways.”

abbie chatfield partner adam hyde
The pair are madly in love. (Credit: LiSTNR)

Reflecting upon their first date, Adam described it as “something out of a fairytale” while Abbie revealed that Adam made her “feel so safe and so calm all the time.”

The lovebirds first crossed paths in 2022 after Abbie interviewed her future boyfriend on her now-defunct national radio show Hot Nights With Abbie.

Fast forward to March 2024, and the I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Australia 2021 winner publicly mentioned her “new crush” for the first time, describing her mystery man as the “kindest, most supportive person.”

“He makes everything sparkly. He’s so funny…I love being around him and he makes me so happy. I cry every day because of how happy I am.”

“The person I’m dating now, as we know, I knew them for a while and I had a big fat crush on them for a very long time.”

abbie chatfield partner adam hyde
The pair were first linked in March 2024. (Credit: LiSTNR)

A month later the pair were spotted dancing at the Australian Grand Prix. In May, Abbie further hinted at her relationship with Adam while they were both holidaying in Mexico. She shared a cheeky snap leaning against his stomach with the tongue-in-cheek caption “semi-soft launch.”

She also took to her socials to share a video of herself dancing and lip-syncing along to Adam’s new song doyoulikeitornot? from his EP Jesterman, which he had recorded and released as Kelli Holiday.

abbie chatfield partner adam hyde
We couldn’t be happier for the lovebirds! (Credit: LiSTNR)

Who has Abbie Chatfield previously dated?

Mystery Man (rumoured to be Ryan Corr)

In January 2024, The Masked Singer star revealed that she had recently gone through a break-up with a famous face on her podcast It’s A Lot With Abbie Chatfield.

While her partner’s identity was never made public during the relationship, she was rumored to be dating House of the Dragon star Ryan Corr from early 2023.

“Hot tip to anyone in life in general – don’t date anyone where you can look up interviews of them on Youtube,” an emotional Abbie shared with her listeners.

“I haven’t cried about a breakup or missing someone this much in a very long way.”

abbie chatfield partner konrad bien stephens
Konrad reportedly cheated on Abbie while he was filming cancelled Channel Ten reality series ‘The Challenge.’ (Credit: LiSTNR)
Konrad Bien-Stephen

In November 2021, Abbie confirmed that she was dating Bachelorette star Konrad Bien-Stephens. Then in February 2022, the former couple made the shocking revelation on Abbie’s podcast that they were actually in an open relationship.

“Mummy and daddy aren’t breaking up. We’re just having a different structure to our relationship. So we’re open. We’re in an open relationship, which we love,” Abbie shared at the time.

Sadly in September that same year, the couple parted ways, with Abbie revealing that she would be keeping intimate details of any future relationships out of the public eye.

“I probably won’t ever share my relationship publicly again to be honest because of this whole situation and the way the media have f***ing reported on it…Like my relationship is a game…it’s quite f*****,” she added.

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