Ali Oetjen’s relationships revisited!

Her dating life has seen more drama than an episode of The Bachelorette.
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As one of the few reality stars who has been part of three shows in The Bachelor franchise, Ali Oetjen knows a thing or two about having her relationship history put under the microscope.

WATCH: Todd King weighs in on Ali Oetjen’s split with Taite Radley

The 34-year-old stunner, who is currently single, following her split from Bachelorette beau Taite Radley, has experienced a few ups and downs in her chequered relationship history.

And as she comes off the back of taking on the gruelling challenge of SAS Australia, which is no doubt worlds away from her dating show days, we revisit her most iconic romances since entering the public eye.

ali and taite
Ali Oetjen chose Taite Radley as the winner of The Bachelorette in 2018. (Credit: Network Ten)

Taite Radley

When Ali picked Taite Radley over love rival Todd King in The Bachelorette’s 2018 season finale, it looked as though the unlucky-in-love blonde had finally found her happy ending.

“I’m willing to risk it all because I’m so in love with you,” she told him in the romantic final moments of the season.

Although the couple gave it a good run, they ultimately called it quits almost two years later in July 2020.

“It is with the heaviest heart that we want to let everyone know that we have decided to take time apart in order to give each other space and time to fully focus on our own paths,” Ali announced on Instagram.

“We both love each other deeply & only want the best for each other & both want the ultimate happiness for each other and hopefully our paths will reconnect again soon.

“We’ve decided to be open with this so there’s no speculation and so we expect love, respect & kindness in return. I love you Taite.”

Ali Oetjen Grant Kemp
Ali and Grant Kemp fell head over heels for one another on Bachelor in Paradise season one. (Credit: Network Ten)

Grant Kemp

After meeting in Fiji while filming Bachelor in Paradise, which aired in early 2018, Grant Kemp and Ali were seemingly a match made in heaven.

But the fairytale romance soon came crumbling down with differing versions as to what caused it all to implode.

A heartbroken Grant told New Idea in May 2018 that he had ended their relationship in March, after he caught her in a passionate tryst with his best friend – in his own home – just days after she landed in LA to start their new life together.

“That is literally one of the most disrespectful things you can do,” he said. “I don’t even know how to get past that level of disrespect. I’m still shocked by it.”

Grant Kemp Ali Oetjen
Their relationship imploded soon after, with Grant accusing Ali of cheating on him with his best friend. (Credit: Network Ten)

While Ali has never publicly confirmed or denied this incident, she later insisted the romance ended because Grant was “not who he said he was”.

“I was physically, mentally and emotionally broken,” she told NW, confessing that that period of her life was one of the darkest ever.

“But I knew I would never give up on love.

She also took a swipe at Grant for continuing to weigh in on her love life and role on The Bachelorette after their split

“We all have those exes that don’t go away, do we?” she said. “Definitely without a doubt, Grant was a waste of my time. He just wasn’t the person he said he was. And yes, it was disappointing and crushing, but I learnt from this.”

Ali Oetjen David Waldeck
Ali was engaged to David Waldeck after three-and-a-half years together but split in 2017. (Credit: Instagram)

David Waldeck

Prior to her stint on Bachelor in Paradise, the main man in Ali’s life was her fiancé David Waldeck, who she met after failing to find love on The Bachelor with Tim Robards in 2013.

In 2015, she announced their engagement, after he popped the question in Europe.

“We’re engaged! When two souls are meant to be together nothing gets in the way of their love for each other, it’s already decided,” she gushed.

“My best friend, lover and my most favourite person in the whole wide world asked me to marry him when we were in the small German town of Waldeck in his castle, Waldeck Castle.”

After three-and-a-half years together, the couple split in 2017 and David later made headlines for trying to sell her engagement ring on Gumtree for a heavily discounted price of $12,400.

Ali Oetjen Tim Robards
The reality star first shot to fame after falling hard for Tim Robards on season one of The Bachelor, and was crushed when he broke her heart. (Credit: Network Ten)

Tim Robards

Way back at the beginning, Ali was first thrust into the spotlight as one of the women vying for the heart of Neighbours star Tim Robards.

Tim ultimately went on to choose his now-wife Anna Heinrich and Ali was left crushed and sobbing in iconic Bachelor scenes when Tim cut her loose in third place.

“I am so sorry that I have to say goodbye. I am incredibly lucky that I have been able to experience this with you and I will miss you,” Tim told a devastated Ali, pulling her aside after the final rose ceremony of the inaugural season.

The broken-hearted beauty responded: “I would never for one second take back any moment that we spent together and I don’t regret that I love you and that I told you that I love you. I mean it.”

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