Looney Tunes collabs with Aussie Olympic team for official merchandise range

It's the collaboration we never saw coming...
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It’s hard to believe that another Olympic Games is upon us.

Taking place in Paris, France in 2024, the XXXIII Olympiad will see tens of thousands of elite athletes from across the world compete in their chosen sport for a highly coveted place on the Olympic podium.

From Friday, July 26 until Sunday, August 11th, almost 500 Australian athletes will take to the pool, court, track, River Seine, and more as they battle it out for a bronze, silver, or gold medal.

olympic merchandise
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While the athletes will have a contingent of family, friends, and fans cheering them on in person, millions of Aussies are expected to tune into Channel Nine and watch the broadcast live from home.

And what better way to do that than by gearing up in the official Team Australia apparel and merchandise collection?

Reflecting the spirit of Team Australia, the all-encompassing range for men, women and kids alike includes apparel as well as accessories, kids’ activity books, plush, drinkware, partyware, memorabilia, and even an inflatable boxing kangaroo costume!

australian olympic merchandise
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And in a fun twist, the iconic animated series Looney Tunes has collaborated with Team Australia to create part of the collection.

Featuring beloved characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, and more decked out in their green and gold Olympic gear, the range celebrates the fun and energy of the Olympics with a touch of nostalgia and humour.

While the Looney Tunes x Team Australia is available to purchase from Big W, additional items from the range can be purchased exclusively here.

Team Australia is also selling merchandise that doesn’t feature Looney Tunes characters in several sizes and designs (including The Boxing Kangaroo Collection).

To add to this, sports fans can also benefit from shopping at ASICS which has also created replica Football and Basketball merchandise.

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