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If you wince at the price point of quality beauty products these days you aren’t alone.

As the cost of living crisis continues, Australians everywhere are cutting expenses where they can – including the purchase of their premium skincare, haircare, and makeup products.

But what if we told you a budget-friendly brand was on hand to help that sold high-quality products for a fraction of the price?

Enter MCoBeauty, an Australian-owned and operated award-winning beauty brand that is targeted to everyday women who want amazing, results-driven products that don’t break the bank.

Taking inspiration from existing beauty brands that we all know and love, MCOBeauty has released more than 500 products, many of which have achieved a “cult” status from the scores of people who use them.

Scroll on for everything you need to know about MCoBeauty…

shelley sullivan
Shelley Sullivan is the brains behind the brand. (Credit: Getty)

Who owns MCoBeauty in Australia?

MCoBeauty was founded by Shelley Sullivan in 2016 as a luxe-for-less brand that makes quality makeup and beauty solutions available at a price point that more Aussies can afford.

“We have not compromised on quality, rather tailored our range of products to allow a lower price point, and then we focused our attention on making the products the best in the market,” Shelley says of her brand.

The full MCoBeauty range is available to purchase for under $40 AUD.

Some of the brands’ bestselling products. (Credit: MCoBeauty)

Is MCoBeauty made in China?

MCoBeauty is proudly manufactured in Australia.

Does MCoBeauty test on animals?

MCoBeauty is a PETA-certified cosmetics company, meaning that it is cruelty-free and does not test on animals.

These ‘drops’ have gone viral. (Credit: MCoBeauty)

Are ModelCo and MCoBeauty the same?

ModelCo and MCoBeauty are not the same brand. They were however both founded by entrepreneur Shelley Sullivan.

In 2002, Shelley founded ModelCo which later became the big sister heritage brand to MCoBeauty.

Since its launch, ModelCo has released over 250 products including on-trend colour cosmetics, natural skin care products, and award-winning self-tanning solutions.

Several different fragrances are available. (Credit: MCoBeauty)

Where can I buy MCoBeauty in Australia?

MCoBeauty can be purchased from its official website and the following retailers:

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