Prince William dedicates heartfelt tribute to Princess Diana

His mother would be so proud.
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Prince William has made a touching tribute to his late mother at the annual Diana Legacy Awards, which celebrated 25 years in 2024. 

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Attending the event in person at the Science Museum in London, the Prince of Wales presented The Legacy Award at the ceremony, sharing a rousing few words about his mother in the process.

“This evening’s Legacy Award is particularly special as it marks the 25th anniversary year of The Diana Award, a charity set up to reflect my mother’s belief that young people can change the world,” the 41-year-old said.

“She taught me everyone has the potential to give something back; [and] that everyone in need deserves a supporting hand in life.”

“I know that she would have been honoured to see a charity in her name doing such inspirational work to uplift people from all corners of the globe.”

The Diana Awards are the only charity to carry her name and were set up two years after her passing. (Credit: Getty)

He added that many of the young people at the event had overcome adversity and prejudice, much like Diana. 

“They are driven by courage, compassion, and commitment – qualities shared by my mother,” he added.

The awards celebrated the achievements of 20 winners from around the world, including Maddison O’Gradey, a Sydney-based Master of Clinical Psychology/PhD candidate who is committed to reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.

Prince William poses with Australian Diana Award recipient Maddison O’Gradey. (Credit: Getty)

The father of three also referenced his wife Catherine in his address, who is currently taking an extended break from her royal duties as she recovers from abdominal surgery

“That legacy is something that both Catherine and I have sought to focus on through our work, as have the 50,000 young people who have received a Diana Award over the past 25 years,” he said of the late Princess of Wales. 

Following the ceremony, Prince Harry also made a virtual appearance via video call where he personally greeted the winners of the Diana Legacy Awards.

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