Prince Harry in hot water over royal text scandal

Missing messages could reveal the truth.
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The Duke of Sussex has happily spilled the beans on his sibling spat with the Prince of Wales – at least when he could control the narrative.

Potshots aimed at Prince William in both Prince Harry’s book Spare, and a Netflix special included hints at tense texts between them, but Harry never went as far as revealing their contents.

prince harry
Prince Harry can’t seem to keep himself out of court! (Credit: Getty)

Now, in a civil court case against UK tabloid newspaper The Sun over phone hacking, Harry has been rapped on the knuckles by a judge for allegedly “deliberately” deleting text messages between 2021 and 2023.

It’s understood that the messages in question are between Harry and Spare’s ghostwriter J.R. Moehringer. But there is speculation those missing texts could hold the key to what really went down between the brothers.

Prince William has been painted as the bad guy by his brother. (Credit: Getty)

Our source says Harry, 39, fears any direct communication from himself to William, 42, could also be revealed as part of The Sun’s legal recourse – and it may change Harry’s careful attempts to portray William as the villain in their ugly falling out

“Harry talked about getting angry texts from William, but he never shares what might have provoked such a response. All that being laid out to see could be a problem for Harry,” an exclusive source tells New Idea.

“He’s not one to hold back, and his brother is his big trigger. There will be messages in there [from Harry] that are just as vicious, if not more, than anything William sent him.”

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