Who is Fawn on The Masked Singer Australia?

'Don't Cha' wish you could guess the celebrity hiding under this mask?
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We’re only a few episodes into season five of The Masked Singer Australia and already fans are going wild with their predictions as to which celebrities are hiding underneath this year’s bedazzling (and rather elaborate masks). 

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Whilst the unmasking of Hollywood heartthrob Brian Austin Green as Crash Test Dummy in episode one was a real shock to the system, Fawn has been the mask that has had all of Australia talking. 

Based on the performances and contestant clues dropped so far, fans and judges alike are pretty sure they have clued onto some of the celebrities who have yet to be officially unmasked. 

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From what we can guess, the predicted identities of Grim Reaper, Bluebottle, and Cowgirl seem pretty spot on. 

But just like Space Fairy and Bad Avocado, fans were still left grasping at straws as to who the real Fawn was, that is until she was unmasked. 

Could Fawn really be Jackie O? (Credit: Channel 10)

Australia’s queen of radio Jackie O was a judge on The Masked Singer Australia for seasons one through three, and prior to the unmasking fans were convinced that the 48-year-old had returned to the hit reality show for a fourth time around as a performer. 

Prior to the season premiering, Channel Ten released a teaser trailer that showcased Fawn’s vocals with a sultry, smooth rendition of Don’t Cha by the Pussycat Dolls. 

The official The Masked Singer Australia Instagram account also hinted that the mother of one was hiding behind the mask. 

“Could Fawn REALLY be Jackie O?” they wrote. 

Has this former judge become a contestant? (Credit: Getty)

The judges were also convinced, with Mel B exclaiming that she was 100% confident Jackie O was hiding underneath Fawn’s mask. 

“Goodness me, this is huge,” longtime judge Dave Hughes responded. 

Given Hughesy worked alongside Jackie O for the first three seasons of The Masked Singer Australia, we were certain this prediction was right on the money!

Fawn was the most surprising reveal of the season so far (Credit: Channel 10)

But when she was finally unmasked it was not Jackie O but Channel 10 newsreader Sandra Sully hiding underneath.

“I read the news every night and tragedy happens all the time, really heavy stuff, but you do only live once. Life is short – don’t live a life of regret,” Sandra said after her unmasking. 

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