Burger Gal unmasked as member of world famous family

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As the newest mask on the menu, Burger Gal had plenty to prove when she took to The Masked Singer stage leaving the guessing panel and viewers tuning in from home alike mesmerised by her renditions of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen and Kiss Me More by Doja Cat and SZA. 

Much to the excitement of fans who were eager to discover who was hiding underneath the delicious-looking mask, Burger Gal was unmasked after only two performances, as none other than La Toya Jackson!

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The 67-year-old is part of the pop music Jackson family dynasty and the older sister of both Michael and Janet Jackson. 

Curiously, despite her fame, La Toya flew relatively under the radar with her performances, with only guessing panel member Mel B able to clue in successfully to her secret identity. 

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Shortly after her jaw-dropping unmasking, La Toya revealed that she had kept her appearance on The Masked Singer Australia top secret from everyone in her life, including her famous family. 

“They don’t know. I didn’t tell anyone; my mother doesn’t even know! We were all on a family conference yesterday, they said ‘What are you doing in Australia?’ I said ‘Just work, just having fun…'”

Only Mel B guessed that La Toya could be hiding underneath the Burger Gal mask. (Credit: Channel Ten)

The pop star also had a laugh at the irony of her suiting up in a Burger mask, considering she is a vegetarian, adding that when she was asked to participate, she jumped at the opportunity, especially to wear a “vegan burger.”

“I love this show. I will go anywhere to do this show. This is my third [time] actually,” La Toya revealed shortly after her unmasking, referring to her appearances on both the US and Spanish series. 

Speaking with our sister publication WHO, La Toya shared that she held a soft spot in her heart for The Masked Singer franchise. 

“Usually, when I do [The Masked Singer], I just do one song, but of course, on the American version, I went through the whole course [of the season]. Everybody is so kind and no matter which country I’m working in, everybody is so sweet. It’s great that they have such a great ensemble of incredible workers who are there to support you and nurture you.”

(Credit: Channel Ten)

Prior to her unmasking, it was hinted through mysterious contestant clues that Burger Gal was part of a family business, had starred in several reality television shows, and had her own perfume line – all of which relate to La Toya. 

Taking a shot in the dark, the guessing panel threw the names of actress Bo Derek, heiress Paris Hilton, Dance Moms alumni Jojo Siwa, and Real Housewives franchise royalty Kyle Richards into the mix after Burger Gal first took to The Masked Singer stage. 

Fans also placed their predictions behind these four, in particular Jojo who had odds to appear listed at $2.20, with Paris trailing behind with odds of $2.50 and her auntie Kyle in third place with odds of $3.50. 

Following Burger Gal’s second and final performance of the season, the guessing panel incorrectly predicted (with the exception of Mel B) that actresses Fran Drescher and Julia Stiles, and even Jersey Shore star Snooki could be the voice underneath the mask. 

La Toya was the second international celebrity to be unmasked this season following 90210 actor Brian Austin Green in episode one. 

Something tells us this unmasking could be the biggest of the season… (Credit: Getty)

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