Top 5 Donald Trump Lies

Check out this list of the five biggest Trump lies.
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Donald Trump is a liar. The world of politics isn’t exactly a bastion of truth. However, Donald Trump seems to have elevated lying to an art form.

In fact, if the Washington Post is to be believed, Donald Trump has told over 10,000 lies since he took the oath of office just over a year and a half ago. That’s more lies than any of us could ever remember telling.

But not all lies are made equal, and some of his falsehoods are quite a bit worse than others. Here’s a list of his biggest lies.

5. Largest Inauguration Crowd Ever

This is more of a joint lie than entirely Trump’s own doing, which showcases the solidarity that Trump’s cabinet has with their compulsive liar of a boss.

Trump claimed that he had the biggest inauguration crowd in the history of any election. The media quickly showed that this wasn’t the case, with crowd numbers and photographs that showed a comparatively minuscule audience of between 300,000 and 600,000. That’s nowhere near the numbers needed to reach “largest ever,” given that the Obama inauguration crowd in the previous election drew in 1.8 million people.

When the lie started faltering under media pressure, Press Secretary Sean Spicer doubled down and accused the media of falsely reporting the crowd numbers and even framing photos to misrepresent the size.

Largest inauguration crowd ever
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4. Climate Change Denial

More than three years before his presidential win, Donald Trump called global warming a hoax. His war on climate change has been pretty consistent since then, with lie, after lie, after lie about climate science. In fact, one of the latest Trump lies was dropped just a couple of weeks ago with his Earth day message, where he conspicuously failed to address climate change as part of the address.

And all the while, scientists have been challenging his claims and trying to dispel the misinformation that he’s been spreading. The truth is, the scientific consensus is pretty clear about global warming—it’s a very real danger that threatens the survival of the human race.

Climate change denial
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3. “Crime In Germany Is Way Up.”

Last year, Trump went ahead and criticized Angela Merkel and her government, using very official communication to express his disapproval of her policies.

He could’ve stuck to his guns and just said that she’s “insane,” but as usual, he couldn’t help himself and had to toss a quip about Germany’s crime rates, just to seal the deal.

Well, as usual, that was yet another lie. Crime in Germany is actually the lowest it’s been since 1992, as many news outlets reported in response to the President’s tweets.

Germany crime
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2. “I Won The Popular Vote If You Deduct The Millions Of People Who Voted Illegally”

One of Trump’s favourite kind of lies is the kind that puffs up his own achievements to such absurd heights that debunking them is probably no more difficult than a ten-second Google search.

Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes, so Trump threw in a couple of million “illegal voters” to even the odds a bit.

Where’d he get that figure? Who knows. Probably the same place he hides his hair piece and spray tan.

US Voter Line Up At Voting Booths
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1. “We’re Going To Build A Wall And Mexico Is Going To Pay.”

Whoo, boy, this one’s a classic. Donald Trump has been telling this lie in one form or another since before he became president. It was even one of his campaign’s main promises. By the numbers, he’s repeated this lie over 160 times, most recently on May 1:

But really, in the 800-plus days that Trump has been President of the USA, this promise hasn’t been anywhere close to fulfilled. The most anyone’s ever done is tidy up the old border fences a little.

Mexico Wall
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