The Voice: Delta Mocks Guy In Bid To Fill Her Team

She didn't hold back!
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With only Delta and Guy left to fill their teams on The Voice, tensions were rising between the pair as they battled it out to secure the best talent.

And it was 21-year-old singer Jordy Marcs who, when bringing out his guitar to sing Chris Stapleton’s ‘Tennessee Whiskey’, that brought the judges head to head.

jordy the voice
(Credit: Channel Nine)

“I’ve been waiting for you man,” Guy said. 

“I’ve got one spot left, and I knew I was only going to turn for someone that I feel excited about. Someone that – because I picture myself, just in these mentoring sessions, just high-fiving you!”

guy the voice
(Credit: Channel Nine)

“I like that, it’s cool,” Jordy replied.

But it wasn’t long before Delta took a swipe at Guy. 

“It’s kind of strange, but it’s cool…” she said. “I love your voice. I absolutely loved that performance.”

delta mocks guy
(Credit: Channel Nine)

She even went as far as to say he had similarities to Guy, which prompted him to say Jordy and him would be the perfect fit.

Then the mocking began.

delta the voice
(Credit: Channel Nine)

“I’m imagining high-fives in a mentoring session,” Delta said in a sarcastic voice.

“I would love you on my team. I turn around only when I believe in a voice I’m hearing,” she added. 

But then, Delta threw Jordy a curve ball.

jordy the voice
(Credit: Channel Nine)

“You know what I want to say? I feel Guy, really, I feel that connection. You’re not going to offend me, I’m on your side,” she said.

Ultimately, Jordy did decide to go with Guy, completing his first ever team for The Voice Australia!

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