Furious Scott Cam leaves The Block contestant in tears over budget

You shouldn’t be smiling at this”
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Scott Cam reduced a contestant to tears on Wednesday after giving them a dressing down over their budget. 

The Block host was visiting each of the couples with 2014 contestants Kyal and Kara to check in on their ensuites.

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When the group reached Rachel and Ryan, Scott was gobsmacked to learn they had spent $1700 on a small section of tiles.

“Oh my god, your budget is blown completely already,” a shocked Scott said. 

Rachel and Ryan attempted to laugh him off, even after they discovered they were $6000 “in the red”.

“That’s better than I thought we were! I thought we were 10 in the red,” Rachel joked.

However, that seemed to be the last straw for Scott who was concerned how the couple would afford to landscape their garden.

The contestants on The Block
Scott wasn’t impressed with Rachel and Ryan (Credit: Nine)

“You shouldn’t be smiling at this, because none of that money’s going into landscaping. You guys have got no money and you haven’t started. You haven’t even asked me a question about [landscaping], you haven’t even thought about it, have you?”

Ryan attempted to explain they were waiting for concept plans to come back to them before they could start on the exterior, but Scott wasn’t having any of it.

“I tell you what, in about five or six weeks’ time you’ll be doing nothing, because you’ll have no money,” he told them.

As Scott, Kyal and Kara leave the house Rachel bursts into tears.

“I just want to go home … I’m just over it,” she can be heard saying off camera.

“We’re still doing a good job bub,” Ryan said trying to comfort her.

Rachel was left in tears
Rachel was left in tears (Credit: Nine)

Later that evening at Oz and Omar’s end of Ramadan celebration the incident comes up again, inciting another bout of tears from Rachel. 

This time, Scott tries to explain himself.

“Sometimes I’ve got to get a bit stronger and a bit tougher,” he told her, “and you know why? Because I want you to succeed.”

This seems to cheer up Rachel, as well as some hugs from fellow contestants Jenny and Sarah-Jane.

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