Meet the couple called in to replace Joel and Elle on The Block

''We just sort of dropped everything.''
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With Joel and Elle’s sudden departure from The Block a replacement couple was needed, and fast!

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Enter Rachel and Ryan Carr, Sydney parents who were sure they’d missed their chance.

“We knew production had started, so we thought, ‘Well, that’s us out – we might as well get on with life,” Rachel told TV WEEK.

Rachel and Ryan
Meet the new Block couple, Rachel and Ryan (Credit: Nine)

Initially the pair thought Nine was calling them to let them down gently.

“We were out with friends when the phone rang. At first we thought, ‘Nah, they’re just letting us know we didn’t make it – just ignore the call,'” Ryan said.

“But eventually we answered… and it wasn’t what we were expecting!”

The couple jumped at the opportunity and swung into action organising the logistics of relocating to Melbourne for months.

“That led to some frantic phone calls to our parents to see if they could mind our three kids,” Rachel explained.

The couple will arrive tomorrow night
The couple will arrive tomorrow night (Credit: Nine)

“And once that was sorted, we just sort of dropped everything.”

Running a renovation business of their own, Rachel and Ryan are confident in their ability to succeed in the competition.

“We’ve come on The Block because it’s an amazing opportunity for our family, our business and because we love a challenge,” Rachel said.

“Nobody buys a scratchie for the pictures. We’re here to win!”

This season of The Block promises to be bigger than ever. The teams are not just renovating their houses but the trailer teases tennis courts and wineries too. 

For the first time ever, host Scott Cam will also renovate a house alongside the competing couples, offering both inspiration and a place for the contestants to gather.

Fans will get the chance to meet Rachel and Ryan when they appear on The Block tomorrow night. 

They will be replacing Joel and Elle on the show
They will be replacing Joel and Elle on the show (Credit: Nine)

As for Joel and Elle, rumours still swirl around their dramatic exit from the show.

Scott has already taken aim at the couple and they’re not making many friends in the media after hanging up on Fitzy and Wippa recently.

We’ll just have to wait until tonight’s episode to see how it all went down.

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