The Block: Eliza’s secret past with Hamish Blake revealed!

Will her famous friend help out come auction day?
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Blockhead Eliza and her younger sister, Liberty, might be coming into The Block as underdogs, having never done any type of renovation work before – but on the flip side, the 37-year-old is used to being in front of the cameras!

Sources tell New Idea the Melburnian has “flirted with the spotlight” for years thanks to several high-profile friendships, including Hamish Blake and MAFS bride Carly Bowyer. 

WATCH NOW: Meet Eliza and Liberty from The Block 2023. Article continues after video. 

Eliza became great mates with Hamish, 41, when she began working for him and his radio partner, Andy Lee. 

Originally from Adelaide, Eliza moved to Melbourne in 2009 as she wanted to get into radio after studying journalism at university. 

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Initially working as a radio producer, she says she “fell into” the role of personal assistant for Hamish and Andy, 42. 

Eliza made appearances on their drive-time radio show, where Hamish and Andy affectionately referred to her as ‘Lyzee’ and declared her a bit of a princess!

Eliza is no stranger to the limelight thanks to her famous friends (Credit: Supplied)

She also assisted on their TV projects, such as 2017’s True Story with Hamish & Andy. 

Then, she worked with Hamish on Lego Masters. 

“When Hamish moved to Sydney I stopped doing as much with him and was mostly [with] Andy,” Eliza tells New Idea. 

All up, Eliza worked for the pair for 10 years. They remain close pals and she is also friends with Hamish’s wife Zoe Foster Blake, and Andy’s girlfriend Rebecca Harding. 

Cheers! Eliza hung out with Hamish and Zoe during her time working with him (Credit: Supplied)

“Both Hamish and Andy have been full supportive [of me doing The Block],” she tells us. 

The friendship, however, could give Eliza and Liberty a leg yp on auction day. Ahead of the show’s premiere, it was reported that Hamish and Zoe are interested in buying one of the Charming Street properties. 

Might it be the sisters of House Five they are eyeing up? 

“They know what a good investment The Block houses are,” said the source. 

“Not to mention, it could potentially help [Eliza] take home the extra $100,000 prize money if they win.”

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