Should you towel dry dishes?

The answer will surprise you.
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When it comes to drying your dishes there are plenty of options. 

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From the lazy option of just letting them air dry in a drying rack or in the dishwasher until you have time to put them away – we all have our preferences. 

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Whilst one would think the topic of how best to dry your newly cleaned dishes wouldn’t be that contentious, homemakers and cleaning experts alike have been vocal about which method is quicker, cleaner, and most importantly, the most sanitary.

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Should You Air Dry or Towel Dry Your Dishes?

There’s no perfect answer or one best way to dry your dishes but there is plenty to keep in mind when using either method. 

It’s important to note that towel drying your dishes is only sanitary when you are using a fresh, clean towel – not the general kitchen towel that you use to dry down surfaces after a quick spray and wipe or to dry off your hands. 

Any towels that have become “wet” during the drying process should also be replaced with a new, clean one for the remaining dishes. 

The clear advantage of using this method is that you are able to wash, dry, and put away dirty dishes quickly, clearing clutter from your kitchen in the process. Do be mindful however that the dishes are completely dry before being put away as bacteria can grow anywhere (especially in dark, warm spaces such as cupboards). 

As for air drying your dishes, this method requires less cleaning time but in turn requires you to wait until the dishes have dried naturally before putting them away – a process which could take hours. 

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What Is The Most Sanitary Way To Dry Your Dishes?

Whilst both air drying and towel drying have their advantages (and disadvantages), allowing your newly washed dishes to air dry is the most sanitary method. 

It is still important however that when you place them down to dry you are putting them down on a clean towel, clean dish rack, or clean surface free of mould, mildew, or any food residue. 

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