‘No words’: Samuel Johnson’s sister shares emotional update after car accident

The actor is still in the hospital after being hit by a car.
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Actor Samuel Johnson is still recovering in hospital after he was hit by a car two weeks ago, where he suffered injuries to his head and a few to his body.

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Samuel’s eldest sister, Hilde Hinton, shared an update with fans on his recovery, as she posted a photo of their hands together while at the hospital.

“No words,” she simply captioned the post.

In the background, a hospital bed and gown can be seen, with Samuel’s hands visibly covered in scraps and cuts from his injuries.

samuel johnson
Samuel has been in hospital since Saturday, recovering from the accident. (Credit: Getty)

It comes after Hilde shared a more detailed update last week, after she was able to visit Samuel for the first time since the accident.

“All the phone calls in the world aren’t the same as being able to touch his actual face. I couldn’t help it, I cried,” she penned.

She added that he wanted to thank the doctors, the nurses and the ward staff for all the “wonderful care he’s receiving”, and that he “misses being at work”.

“They reckon he’ll be out of hospital in a couple of weeks, so I’ll hand him back our Facebook page (for now – *wink*) and let him do the next update.”

sam johnson car accident hospital
Hilde shared this photo to update fans on Samuel’s recovery. (Credit: Instagram)

Hilde first broke the news of the accident via Facebook on June 21, announcing that he was hit by a car while on his way to visit family.

“I wish I didn’t have to tell you this,” she wrote.

“Early Saturday night Sam was on his way to visit family when he was accidentally hit by a car. Our Ambos got him picked up and tucked away safely in hospital in record time. I followed them in,” she said.

hilde hilton
Samuel’s sister Hilde broke the news of the accident on Monday. (Credit: Facebook)

Hilde also revealed that her brother suffered injuries to his head following the accident on Saturday night.

“The fantastical medical staff are in overdrive taking care of his sore head. He’s awake and not too happy that he doesn’t have his pants – nobody loves a hospital gown.

“Hearing his voice is lovely, but can’t wait for hugs when it’s safe,” she added.

“I’ll keep you updated.”

samuel johnson
“He’s awake and not too happy that he doesn’t have his pants – nobody loves a hospital gown.” (Credit: Instagram)

Hilde made the announcement via the Love Your Sister Facebook page, with the page representing the charity that Samuel and his late sister Connie started back in 2012.

The charity was founded with the aim of raising $10 million for cancer research.

Connie suffered from bone cancer from the age of 11, uterine cancer at age 22 and breast cancer at age 33. She sadly passed away in September 2017 at the age of 40.

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