Matildas Sam Kerr launches football training program

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Gear up football enthusiasts! Beloved soccer player, Matildas Sam Kerr has launched her very own training program set to ‘kick off’ on fields across the country in 2024.

WATCH: Sam Kerr score in the FIFA Women’s World Cup semi-final. Article continues after the video. 

The program called Sam Kerr Football will help those aged between 3 and 14-years old chase their soccer dreams.

On the academy’s website, Sam shared a message to those wanting to register.

“Welcome to Sam Kerr Football, my new football academy for the new generation of Australia’s football lovers. Sam Kerr’s football will provide an incredible football experience for young players, girls and boys aged 3 to 14,” she said.

Sam Kerr Football launches in 2024 (Credit: Instagram)

“Sam Kerr football will provide players with a world class program, to be delivered by high quality coaches all with the focus of ensuring that young players fall in love with football the same way I have.”

Sam Kerr Football aims to deliver “modern training techniques” in a fun and safe environment in order to “nurture the next generation” of players. In doing so, Sam hopes to provide young players the skills necessary to develop, a component she wishes she had access to as an aspiring athlete.

As the Matildas hype built during the FIFA Women’s World Cup, there was one primary discussion that came about – young girls would now have a female soccer athlete to aspire too.

Players, coaches, partners and franchises can register. (Credit: Instagram)

It appears Sam and other Matildas players have truly taken on the challenge with this schooling program.

“Sam Kerr Football incorporates a prescriptive but flexible football curriculum, along with broader health and wellbeing initiatives that are fundamental to player development,” it read on the website.

But Sam Kerr Football isn’t exclusively for players, but also for coaches, partners and franchises can register their interest to join.

“I hope to see you at Sam Kerr Football very soon,” she concluded.

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