Shock news for Bali prisoner Renae Lawrence

She had to make a tough decision.

Convicted drug mule and member of the Bali Nine, Renae Lawrence, has been told she will have to serve an extra 6 months in jail to avoid a $100,000 fine.

The news comes just as her fellow foreign prisoners in Bali were awarded a 6 month cut to their sentences.

Speaking to, Lawrence’s father, Rob Lawrence, says she won’t be back home until the end of next year at the earliest.

‘She won’t be getting out when they say she’s getting out because there’s a $100,000 fine she’s got to pay and we can’t pay that – we haven’t got it.’  

Lawrence was convicted 13 years ago of drug trafficking charges after being caught with 2.7 kilos of heroin strapped to her body.  

She was sentenced to prison for 20 years, but had 5 years taken off for good behaviour.

Renae Lawrence brought for sentencing
(Credit: Getty)

Upon his daughter’s release Mr Lawrence says it won’t be like the media circus surrounding Schapelle Corby.

‘She just wants to come home and get on with her life. She doesn’t want it to be like the Corbys,’ he said.

‘We just want her to come home and be safe. We love her.’

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