Prepare yourselves for Married At First Sight’s Jessika and Dan’s sex tape

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Married At First Sight‘s couple Jessika Power and Dan Webb have just dropped yet another bombshell.

No, not that Dan dumped his Mrs after the reunion. 

And we’re not talking about the fake wedding rings.

Jessika Power has just revealed that she’d very much like to make a sex tape with her love, Dan Webb.

“With past partners we’ve taken photos and little home snippets. With Dan, I’d do [a sex tape]… He’s hot. In fact, we’ve already discussed it!”

“He’s a lot older and more experienced in the bedroom than me.”

Sex is obviously VERY important to Jess.
On Talking Married, Jessika told the panel there was one big reason why her original marriage to Mick didn’t work.

In her audition tape, she says, “I think in a relationship if you have a bad sex life your relationship is going to go to crap”.

Of course, she was then asked: “Is bad sex the reason Mick and Jess didn’t work out?” 

As she wears her signature grin, Jess responds saying, “Look there was a number [sic] of reasons, that was high on the list of why not.”

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