WATCH: Nude man’s bizarre romp on Melbourne train

It's the video of a naked commuter that will have you avoiding public transport forever

Nude belly slides on public transport are apparently now a thing in Melbourne, Australia, with a bunch of videos emerging today of a completely naked man doing just that – to the horror/disgust/delight/amusement of a carriage full of passengers.


A number of videos taken from mobile phones have inevitably gone viral online overnight following the incident, showing the shameless man running nude through the carriage, apparently on the Lilydale line, to the encouragement and disdain of his fellow travellers.

The man – sporting what appears to be an authentic mullet – is then seen doing a run up to slide on his belly down the central aisle, which appears to be lubricated with some kind of fluid. What motivated the distasteful romp remains unknown, but if internet fame was the plan, then mission accomplished. 


Passengers can be heard screaming and laughing amid the bizarre scenes.

A spokesperson for Metro apparently didn’t find the lewd display funny, telling members of the public to alert them immediately if there is a repeat performance.

‘Passenger safety is Metro’s number one priority and this type of behaviour is completely unacceptable on public transport,’ the agency said in a statement.  

‘If passengers witness anything of this nature on board a train, we urge them to press the emergency call button to alert Metro staff or to call police.’

The man – who could at least expect an indecent exposure charge – has yet to be identified.  

This follows an incident in which a Sydney bus was evacuated when a female passenger stripped nude and pole danced on a busy Bondi route. 

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