MKR behind-the-scenes secret advantage EXPOSED

One team's shock benefit
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The animosity at the Ultimate Instant Restaurant table has reached a whole new level.

While everyone has turned on Piper and Victor thanks to their secret relationship being exposed, the real reason the teams are so angry hasn’t been shown on TV.

MKR pot stirrers Josh and Austin reveal there’s more to the feud than meets the eye.

Victor and G
(Credit: Seven)

“It got so bad between everyone that we actually had to be segregated,” Josh revealed to reality TV podcast Real Talk with Holly & Ali.

“So he had his own flights, he got to leave.”

Austin is quick to jump in, adding: “That’s the thing, he had the biggest advantage during the Ultimate Instant Restaurant rounds because he got to leave at say, 1am, in his own private taxi.

Victor and G
(Credit: Seven)

“He finished four hours earlier than the rest of us while the rest of us had to wait for us to critique and then we’d all get on the bus. He would critique first and then go home.”

Josh and Austin claim the real reason Victor and G are so often missing from the table is because they were allowed to leave by producers.

“He skipped practically everything in three or four instant restaurants,” Josh said.

For more My Kitchen Rules and reality TV goss, listen to the newest episode of reality TV podcast Real Talk with Holly & Ali below.

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